2014/10/18 , 🚴, 41.56km, 1h21m55s, 1m58s/km, 30.4km/h
Morning Ride. Beautiful weather 20°C.

First ride in 2 weeks because of a cold, bronchitis and typhoon. Big lack of power. Took a break to buy a cake from @machayokan & Mari chan at the market near the lake. Now I have 10 days to prepare Taiwan triathlon, a 5h more or less race. Needless to say : impossible mission... But let's try.

Triathlon bike almost completed. Just need to cut the fork top and add some bar tape. If you have a good eye you can see some very vintage part on it (for now). Guess which is it?

2014/10/19 , 🚴, 47.07km, 1h37m40s, 2m05s/km, 28.9km/h
Nice Morning Ride

2014/10/19 , 🏃, 3.12km, 14m38s, 4m42s/km, 12.8km/h
Easy post ride run - to get the leg used to it again

We are ready (we are still at season 3 :-)

2014/10/21 , 🚴, 53.32km, 1h41m21s, 1m54s/km, 31.6km/h
Morning Ride - No hard gear. Keeping good cadence.

Post swim training dinner. acqua pazza and sashimi of *tai* fish (don't know the name in English...)


2014/10/26 , 🚴, 61.38km, 1h59m53s, 1m57s/km, 30.7km/h
Morning Ride - great weather again

Nodejs fun test on thanks to oled-js and johnny-five libs

2014/10/28 , 🏃, 7.5km, 31m, 4m08s/km, 14.5km/h
Track training with ekiden team mates

2014/10/29 , 🚴, 21km, 40m23s, 1m55s/km, 31.2km/h
First real (short) ride with the Guru


2014/11/03 , 🚴, 76.76km, 2h42m16s, 2m07s/km, 28.4km/h
35k back with head wind. I'm done.


2014/11/04 , 🏃, 6km, 23m31s, 3m55s/km, 15.3km/h
Ekiden track training

2014/11/08 , 🏃, 10.07km, 40m37s, 4m02s/km, 14.9km/h
Ekiden Yonago to Tottori shi. 1st relay.

This morning I participated to the Yonago-Tottori city ekiden with the Hokuei town B team. I ran my relay (the 1st of the 2 days race) of 9.7km in 38:48 so exactly 4'/km. Not too bad for me but I finished 49/51! Ouch! Many (very) fast runners. At the end of the day my team is ranking 44 :-)

今日は松江にいます。 Conference 2014

Today is French lunch in the middle of Okayama mountains! :-)