2017/04/05 , 🏃, 5.58km, 25m10s, 4m31s/km, 13.3km/h
Lunch Run

2017/04/06 , , 3km, 1h, 20m00s/km, 3.0km/h
Morning SUP on flat sea - rainy but who cares :-)

2017/04/07 , , , 1h, ,
Evening Activity

2017/04/08 , 🏄, , 2h, ,
Few waves this morning

2017/04/09 , 🏄, , 1h, ,
Morning 🏄 warm weather but no great 🌊

2017/04/09 , , 2km, 1h, 29m59s/km, 2.0km/h
Afternoon SUP : speed training. 4*500m fast with rest - side wind - fairly calm waters

2017/04/11 , 🏃, 8.54km, 41m9s, 4m49s/km, 12.4km/h
Lunch Run

Vintage jersey of the day, Belgium colors flavor one! Let's ride!

2017/04/15 , 🚴, 50.12km, 1h55m24s, 2m18s/km, 26.1km/h
Morning Ride in shorts yeah!! Bumped into Rapha social ride at the Konbini!

That was a good ride in great weather. Towards the end I bumped into a group at the konbini. (I don't spot riders often so that was a surprise). That was the Rapha social ride, the Rapha van is at the velodrome, I am going to check what is going on there now.

2017/04/16 , 🚴, 73.5km, 3h15m43s, 2m40s/km, 22.5km/h
Morning Ride. Rapha social ride !


2017/04/16 ,
Rapha Ride in Miyazaki Japan

This morning I participated in the ride. First time in years I rode in a group, that was good and got some PB on Strava ;-) Thanks to @fixy55 and @montag1031 of @rapha_japan for organizing. And thanks to all the riders for a nice, tough and safe ride ! 73キロお疲れ様でしたー

2017/04/18 , 🏃, 4.9km, 24m31s, 5m00s/km, 12.0km/h
Morning Run easy shorty. legs still a bit sore from w-e rides

2017/04/19 , , 2km, 45m, 22m30s/km, 2.7km/h
Quick solo SUP session. Brought my old gopro. Will check later the shots.


2017/04/19 ,
Go South - Let's Enjoy - SurfCity

You are going to probably hate me but that was my one hour lunch break today 😎 Full version of the video on YouTube : https://youtu.be/ALYfHidAzgw you can click the link in my profile screen. @surfcity_miyazaki

2017/04/21 , 🏃, 8.12km, 38m52s, 4m47s/km, 12.5km/h
Lunch Run

2017/04/22 , 🏃, 9.64km, 1h8m35s, 7m07s/km, 8.4km/h
Run/trail/climb/walk. That was awesome, I ll try longer path next time.


2017/04/22 ,
Trail Run in Kagamizu Forest

This morning I went for a semi random run in the forest of Kagamizu. There are few trails and I had great fun. I took my old to shot this. If you are bored at the moment you can watch a 2mn version on youtube 😜 here : https://youtu.be/WmJsoFT2cxk (follow the link in my profile)