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grey weather but just good temperatures.
A River Runs Through It. そして、急に蒸し暑いなってきた
t-shirt ride du soir. A more versatile bicycle would be nice.
Muscle memory coming back bit by bit.
entre 2 pluies. 🐸
just a t-shirt random stroll. one more lost narrow mountain road in the forest and ...  suddenly a chicken farm 🐓 🥚
zero energy in the tank.
local trail. with less work the Japonica Sadou returns to its natural habitat.
Maybe 1st ride in 6 months... solo ride as always but zephyr insisted on keeping company barely made it home...
slow but feeling better than recent activities.
passed by the entrance of a popular sakura field. so many cars going in and out. depressing. we start to see cases increasing too in our prefecture. most coming from Tokyo, oh surprise!
no containment here yet. countryside as calm as ever. kids were playing their baseball game though, not sure team sports is a great idea even here.
up to the road in construction.
just after work and before the night in Nichinan, aburatsu.
Just after work, last rays of sun, windy.
today is 🌞 so I am  🏃 in 🎽🩳🕶. Also feeling like I am 75.5kg. oh wait I am... 😬
20min. jog then drills and few diagonal s for 20 min.
once a week is not enough. getting harder and harder...
1st of the year in shorts! need to lose a couple of kg... winter problem all over again...
One more to the waterfall. I can not run that much recently so trying to make the best of it.