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Gloomy day but the sakura trees are already blooming here!
First activity in almost 3 weeks. I was busy eating. This course is a perfect all in one with roads, trails, slopes, steps, rocks.
First of 2020, happy new year !
found the cross-country loop, designed to break you. also few accelerations.
9 loops with slightly different paces depending on my mood :-)
Joyeux noël à tous!
Last day and run of 🍂 Autumn! Cold, humid and slippery rocks but a good training
after almost 2 weeks blank, moved, spent 2 days in Tokyo where I got bronchitis for 8 days. Finally able to run in my new place! around the stadiums and next to the pool. that is perfect. my new training center! yes I went for a swim after! :-)
With no transition, from shorts / t-shirt to winter wear! ouch!
First run since last week half-marathon. 24°C ! Yes, global warming in action.
Tsuwabuki half-marathon in Nichinan.
Warm up!
Shorty and easy
Next week rehearsal. 50’ at about half marathon pace (1st 15’ easier though) then easy back home. Also new shoes.
No time today so just a short and easy one in the night.
Easy to moderate enjoying the last rays of sun of the day. Finally getting chilly in the evening here too.
Very easy spin. Just enjoying this great weather (28°C).
15’ w-up. 3 x (10’ “fast” + 3’ rest walking). Probably went too hard on the 1st one. I was empty for the 3rd one.
Easy. From one river to the other.
Too late and dark for a run, so just a walk to reach 💯 km this month 😅