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Tsuwabuki half-marathon in Nichinan.
Warm up!
Shorty and easy
Next week rehearsal. 50’ at about half marathon pace (1st 15’ easier though) then easy back home. Also new shoes.
No time today so just a short and easy one in the night.
Easy to moderate enjoying the last rays of sun of the day. Finally getting chilly in the evening here too.
Very easy spin. Just enjoying this great weather (28°C).
15’ w-up. 3 x (10’ “fast” + 3’ rest walking). Probably went too hard on the 1st one. I was empty for the 3rd one.
Easy. From one river to the other.
Too late and dark for a run, so just a walk to reach 💯 km this month 😅
15’ w-up. 4 x (4’30” at faster than half pace + 3’ active recovery). Then easy to finish.
Moderate to a bit faster. Still in t-shirt and shorts and way less humidity.
Getting the body used to 1.5h + effort for half-marathon on November 17th.
1h easy to moderate. Great weather. Wind getting fresher.
2k warm-up, 20’ (30/30”), then cool-down
Easy 10k while chatting. Also cosmos are full bloom.
Night run with flashlight 🔦
Easy recovery jog on the banks of the river
After race. Way down until the road where mini bus took us thankfully. Some tough people ran the 5k remaining to the start. Not me, lol
Kirishima trail run. 5k on the road then the trail up to the top.
Short easy jog before tomorrow’s trail climb run race ⛰ 🏃