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One more to the waterfall but path to top is closed.
Shorty after sunset, before onsen.
Easy, recovery pace jog at 🌅
An other tough one. Real distance 9km. Iphone stopped at 6km at my shower break
Bloody humid & hot, like running in a 🧖‍♀️ sauna. I was boiled after 4 easy km.
30’ warm-up -> tempo -> pace
Recovery pace jog. Visiting a road that has been started decades ago and seems at least one more to be completed!
1st 20k to the sea smooth at 30kph then poor choice of road and too much traffic lights through Nichinan.
Au petit trot mais super montée. Pas sûr de pouvoir la grimper en vélo celle-ci. Avec ce nom je me devais d’atteindre cet hôtel.
Feels a bit fresher but still feels 30°C. At pace until 7.5k then easier.
For once almost flat roads/path. Some good stretches near the river. Many stops though.
Recovery and free shower
At pace after run.
Back in Aoshima for the day. Going for the local climb!
Tempo from 1 to 4km then easier pace.
🌅 tried to push a bit at some time.
Misty mountain hop.
Today I give you Aya castle!
Great weather. Closed road. Climb. Miyazaki Gyu.
Semi sprint in the night
Quicky before the night and to kill a cold I caught in Fukuoka (which ironically was hot as hell).