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Back in Aoshima for the day. Going for the local climb!
Tempo from 1 to 4km then easier pace.
🌅 tried to push a bit at some time.
Misty mountain hop.
Today I give you Aya castle!
Great weather. Closed road. Climb. Miyazaki Gyu.
Semi sprint in the night
Quicky before the night and to kill a cold I caught in Fukuoka (which ironically was hot as hell).
Later, slower, hotter. Too much food.
Sweating my 🍻 beers on the bridges of Fukuoka!
Maximum sweat!  💦
Easy jog before typhoon (supposedly coming)
From onsen to Kobayashi Magata and back.
1 hour to fix the bike & 1h ride. Maybe 5th of the year only o_O
I did not expect such a climb to reach the lake! I asked and the guys said no swimming allowed :-(
Shorty before 🥘
New roads and paths. But too tired from yesterday and too hot and humid, my body said stop before the end. Walked home.
Morning run on one of my favorite trail. Up and down Inohae keikoku
Easy jog. recovery pace.
Finally some sun! Temp. 30°C, humidity 80% still I like it :-)
Au petit trot sous la pluie - recovery pace jog