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In darkness with 🔦 trying to follow the few street lights of the town.
stopped a few seconds, mosquitoes devoured my ankles...
More random roads and paths before onsen.
Real summer weather today. Quick one before a meeting, took a short cut found myself in a 40cm deep swamp... sweet...not...
2 times 5k prog. In the rain.
weird weather, super humid, kind of chilly on the beach. not the usual july
Short but humidity and heat had the best of me. That a loop from and to the local onsen in Takaharu.
Going anti-clockwise for once ...
1st run after last w-e 22k. And a few days of heavy rains. Feeling ok.
Open Water Swim in ... not clear water ...
Half-marathon by myself, under the rain and in flooded path because why not...
Despite heat and humidity, tried to unleash the kraken for 5k. That was tough. Back home very easy with a splash in the ocean before.
Going on purpose slow feels almost as tiring as normal run... weird.
Perfect weather for running but not feeling great though. Lacking energy
Comfortable pace. Not too hot but still, feels very satisfying to jump in the sea afterwards.
Inohae valley trail. Perfect weather. Good run.
Easy one. Recovery pace. Different route for once.
Afternoon Run
Pretty hot today so night run in darkness.
Tempo pace for 5.5k and then easy.
I was not motivated for this one but now I passed 100k this month.