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2019/01/17 , 🏃, 8.09km, 40m25s, 5m00s/km, 12.0km/h
Going easy. Still feeling a point in my calf but I can run somehow. Also cold and windy.

2019/01/12 , 🏃, 5.95km, 31m13s, 5m15s/km, 11.4km/h
Shorten this run because of a sudden calf pain... not good.

2019/01/09 , 🏃, 9.72km, 45m47s, 4m42s/km, 12.7km/h
Slow start to the year. And a half-marathon in 6 weeks. Oops....

2018/12/31 , 🏃, 12.4km, 1h12m43s, 5m52s/km, 10.2km/h
Last of the year! Up and down to Inohae valley.

2018/12/29 , 🏃, 9.01km, 42m24s, 4m42s/km, 12.7km/h
Clear blue sky, windy, coooooold.

2018/12/27 , 🏃, 8.12km, 38m51s, 4m47s/km, 12.5km/h
After a good cold and an other blank week, let's restart the machine!

2018/12/12 , 🏃, 6.89km, 33m13s, 4m49s/km, 12.4km/h
Recovery. Cold is here too finally.

2018/12/09 , 🏃, 10.12km, 43m39s, 14m56s/km, 4.0km/h
Aotai 10k race. 41:05. 13th/1000 + (??) and 2nd/134 in 40-50y.o. To be fair thanks to a huge lack of competition

2018/12/08 , 🏃, 1.08km, 6m5s, 5m38s/km, 10.7km/h
1st w up

2018/12/05 , 🏃, 10.14km, 48m19s, 4m46s/km, 12.6km/h
Should have been easy. Was not. Not enough sleep recently.

2018/11/29 , 🏃, 9.73km, 46m43s, 4m48s/km, 12.5km/h
Took a break, 1st in a week but last race of the year in 12 days. Easy pace. Aotai 10km on my training course.

2018/11/22 , 🏃, 8.19km, 39m14s, 4m48s/km, 12.5km/h
Tempo. Not pushing.

2018/11/21 , 🏊, 1450m, 40m, 2m46s/100m, 2.2km/h
Lunch Swim - quick one, only technic stuff

2018/11/20 , 🏃, 8km, 35m42s, 4m28s/km, 13.4km/h
To the track by bike. W-up and 10x300m each 2’. 1:04 each

2018/11/17 , 🏃, 9.45km, 44m12s, 4m41s/km, 12.8km/h
Windy! Just a banana in stomach. Last 400m all I got.

2018/11/14 , 🏃, 9.49km, 44m18s, 4m40s/km, 12.9km/h
That should have been a recovery run. But I was feeling good.

2018/11/13 , 🏊, 2000m, 50m, 2m30s/100m, 2.4km/h
Lunch Swim - recovery, easy

2018/11/11 , 🏃, 9.89km, 43m51s, 4m26s/km, 13.5km/h
10k part of Miyazaki Triathlon

2018/11/11 , 🏊, 1600m, 30m, 1m52s/100m, 3.2km/h
Swim part of Miyazaki ITU Triahtlon, same as elites. very tough with the swell, orientation issues for me... many excuses

2018/11/10 , 🚴, 42.14km, 1h12m, 1m43s/km, 35.1km/h
Bike part of Miyazaki Triathlon, flat and a bit windy, for or against us.

2018/11/09 , 🏊, 2150m, 1h, 2m48s/100m, 2.1km/h
Lunch Swim - last training before Sunday's triathlon