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Easy jog to start the week. A bit on the sand. Cool weather.
Comfortable pace then just last km in progressive acceleration.
Kind of aquathlon tonight : surfing + running :-) A new type of block session ?
Going easy and a bit longer.
Finally some outdoor after 3 days of heavy rains. I knew it will be slippery in the woods but still could not avoid a fall. Only my self-esteem was hurt. 😅
16x 30”/ 30” on cross country loop. Some good swell today!
Recovery night run with Adam
Quick morning climb to the suspended walk bridge in Aya.
At pace.  Finishing “strong”
Pushing a little. Short break at the u turn. Also almost 76kg...
Showing Stefan (in his allstars! best riding shoes? :-)  the local climb while having a good chat!
Loop from Kitago to Obi by super narrow mountain roads. Perfect weather. A bit tough for a first in a while. But elevation = good views!
Not pushing. Taking pics here and there.
From Obi to Kitago near Inohae valley hike entrance. Stopped a few times along the way to try to shoot a video. Will see...
30”/30”x 16 on cross country loop. Foggy weather.
Super sweaty season definitely started. Run followed with 7' workout.
Active recovery pace with Adam
Also walked 5k today. Just before the night. All in all good restart week
Again run + 7 min. workout.
Lunch Run, followed with 7min workout.