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Back on Aoshima track
Evening jog.
It's been a while. Fresh wind! Short bib was optimistic. just jumped on my non-maintained CAAD3, this thing is the best.
Quick one
My current unique speed : slow
Morning Run
Morning Run
Finally back on track after a couple of small injuries and the influenza! Going easy for now. Great weather.
Ok until 4k then feeling like shit. At least great weather, ran in my shorts!
Going easy. Still feeling a point in my calf but I can run somehow. Also cold and windy.
Shorten this run because of a sudden calf pain... not good.
Slow start to the year. And a half-marathon in 6 weeks. Oops....
Last of the year! Up and down to Inohae valley.
Clear blue sky, windy, coooooold.
After a good cold and an other blank week, let's restart the machine!
Recovery. Cold is here too finally.
Aotai 10k race. 41:05. 13th/1000 + (??) and 2nd/134 in 40-50y.o. To be fair thanks to a huge lack of competition
1st w up
Should have been easy. Was not. Not enough sleep recently.
Took a break, 1st in a week but last race of the year in 12 days. Easy pace. Aotai 10km on my training course.
Tempo. Not pushing.