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2018/08/24 , 🚴, 36.22km, 1h20m2s, 2m13s/km, 27.2km/h
Quick one. Of course bike was clean and it poured rain. Also look at the pic

2018/08/23 , 🏃, 9.1km, 43m40s, 4m48s/km, 12.5km/h
Sweaty in the darkness

2018/08/22 , 🏃, 7.03km, 34m31s, 4m55s/km, 12.2km/h
Not pushing but still hot, humid and today strong typhoon wind

2018/08/20 , 🏊, 1500m, 45m, 3m00s/100m, 2.0km/h
At 50m outdoor pool. Alone in it most of the time... this time perfect temperature.

2018/08/19 , 🏃, 7.53km, 37m13s, 4m57s/km, 12.1km/h
Real easy run, felt good so pushed a little bit the last 500m. Sweat my w-e alcohol :-) and 1st time in a while feeling a cool breeze.

2018/08/18 , , 3.83km, 58m46s, 15m20s/km, 3.9km/h
Started after about 500m into the hike

2018/08/17 , 🏃, 8.04km, 39m47s, 4m57s/km, 12.1km/h
A bit cooler thanks to typhoon wind. Fartlek on cross country loop

2018/08/15 , 🏃, 10.48km, 51m55s, 4m57s/km, 12.1km/h
Lunch Run - not pushing but super humid and hot, 2nd half real easy

2018/08/14 , 🚴, 36.82km, 1h32m19s, 2m30s/km, 23.9km/h
Quick mid day up and down. I was stuck on 34x18 on the way back...

2018/08/11 , 🚴, 37.25km, 1h36m24s, 2m35s/km, 23.2km/h
Short in distance but not in elevation

2018/08/10 , 🏃, 12.93km, 1h5m49s, 5m06s/km, 11.8km/h
A good resistance test. A bit crazy but I loved it. Took some necessary breaks.

2018/08/09 , 🏊, 1400m, 45m, 3m13s/100m, 1.9km/h
First swim at the olympic ext. pool, opening only this month... I was alone in it, the water temp. was 33C deg... ouch...><

2018/08/06 , 🏃, 8.09km, 41m35s, 5m08s/km, 11.7km/h
Progressive warm up, 3k fartlek on cross country loop than easy to the beach and splash because it so hot...

2018/08/03 , 🏃, 5.92km, 32m6s, 5m26s/km, 11.1km/h
Short and slow one

2018/07/31 , 🏃, 12.8km, 1h2m57s, 4m55s/km, 12.2km/h
Good idea of the day : going for longer than usual ... in pouring rain

2018/07/27 , 🏃, 8.15km, 38m25s, 4m43s/km, 12.7km/h
Crazy test on the crosscountry loop with this heat. 90% 1st half than all I got. Finished with gentle jog.

2018/07/26 , 🏊, 1250m, 45m, 3m36s/100m, 1.7km/h
1st in swimming pool in a year! pool finally opened. just for few weeks unfortunately

2018/07/25 , 🏃, 6.78km, 31m45s, 4m41s/km, 12.8km/h
30°C run, your summer usual :-) thankfully I have the ocean.

2018/07/23 , 🏃, 4.62km, 21m28s, 4m39s/km, 12.9km/h
Quicky before the night and work mtg

2018/07/18 , 🚴, 36.85km, 1h27m56s, 2m23s/km, 25.1km/h
Pre work work out. 1st climb of the year. Crossed the path of a wild boar and her 3 kids and a couple of monkeys 10 min. later!

2018/07/16 , 🏃, 5.08km, 24m2s, 4m44s/km, 12.7km/h
After a mini surfing session